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We believe in the power of local businesses to make a difference in our community.

Learn more about our strategic priorities to guide the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce through the year 2024.

Rockwall Area Chamber

Advocacy Efforts

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The Chamber advocates for the business community in many ways.

We work with legislators to help them understand what's important to local businesses, and we provide them with information about how a specific policy or bill will impact your business. We also provide resources and information about best practices and emerging trends, so that you can stay ahead of the curve.
Rockwall Area Chamber

Our Priorities

The Chamber of Commerce is advocating for your business because we believe that you have the potential to help our community grow and thrive! We know that you’re a local business owner who cares about your community, and we want to make sure that you’re able to help us grow in the best way possible.


We advocate on behalf of the business community.


Support the continued use of local participation in planning and funding options.


Support legislation that provides access to the best education to develop our future workforce.


We advocate for legislation that keeps our healthcare both competitive and affordable.


Support Policies that allow the local government to improve the local business community.


Advocate for policies that attract new jobs and education for our workforce.

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Elected Officials

The Chamber advocates for the business community by working with elected officials on a local, state and national level.

National & State Representatives

Congressman Pat Fallon

4th District

Senator Bob Hall

2nd District

Representative Justin Holland

33rd District

Rockwall County Commissioners

David Sweet

Rockwall County Judge

Cliff Sevier

Precinct 1

Lee Gilbert

Precinct 2

Dennis Bailey

Precinct 3

Janet Nichol

Precinct 3

Rockwall City Council

Mayor Kevin Fowler

City of Rockwall

Bennie Daniels

Place 1

John Hohenshelt

Place 2 | Mayor Pro-Tem

Clarence Jorif

Place 2

Trace Johannesen

Place 4

Dana Macalik

Place 5

Anna Campbell

Place 6

Fate City Council

Mayor David Billings

City of Fate

Heather Beugeler

Place 1

John Brandt

Place 2

Christopher Ash

Place 3

Allen Robbins

Mayor Pro Tem | Place 4

Jim DeLand

Place 5

John Hamilton

Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem Place 6

Heath City Council

Mayor Kelson Elam

City of Heath

Frank New

Mayor Pro Tem - Place 1

Paul Ruffo

Place 2

Donna RolaterDonna Rolater

Place 3

Brent Weaver

Place 4

John Beaman

Place 5

Rich Krause

Place 6

Royse City City Council

Mayor Clay Ellis

City of Royse

Mike Holder

Place 1

Russell Ratterree

Place 2

Bruce Bradley

Place 3

Matt Wheatly

Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem | Place 4

James Branch

Mayor Pro-Tem | Place 5

Tom Crowley

Place 6

McLendon-Chisholm City Council

Mayor Keith Short

Lorna Kipphut

Place 1

Herman Larkin

Place 2

Trudy Woessner

Place 3

Jim Bloom

Place 4

William Dahl

Place 5

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Let's Hear From Our Partners

If you’re looking for an organization that will help fuel your success, then you really should consider joining us!

Membership in the Rockwall Chamber has been one of the most impactful things to growing by business. As well, it has been very impactful in growing me professionally. The people you meet and engage with are top level professionals who have made me better personally and professionally.

Owner Maaco of Rockwall Customer

The Rockwall Chamber of Commerce has been an invaluable resource. I started my own law firm and felt confident in my legal abilities but didn’t know how I could go about getting quality clients. I was doing my best but once I joined the Chamber, things really began to take off.

Ben Agee Shooter & Agee Law Group, PLLC

By actively engaging with many businesses leaders and connecting them with community leaders, the Rockwall Chamber is essential to keep the Rockwall community growing and striving to always improve the quality of life. I enjoy being at least a part of that growth

Kyle Munn Senior VP Guaranty Bank & Trust
    Rockwall Area Chamber


    Rockwall Area Chamber

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