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Rockwall Area's Referral Network


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Pipeline is the Rockwall Chamber’s premiere lead generation and referral network. These popular referral groups have helped professionals gain a competitive advantage in the Rockwall area marketplace, as well as build lasting professional and personal relationships.

Pipeline consists of business professionals who have the desire to improve their income by forming relationships with other Chamber Partners and exchanging direct client referrals and leads.

Hear From Our Partners

I have enjoyed my time at the chamber and it has provided me with many benefits. The chamber is my firms largest cheerleader and is always looking for ways to ensure that I am able to grow my business to the heights I have envisioned. The chamber provides me with referrals from either the pipeline group or even member referrals when clients call the chamber looking for assistance in one of my service offerings. The chamber is a worthwhile investment and I recommend every business owner get involved with the Rockwall chamber or their local chamber.

Richard Brozewicz CPA