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Legislative Priorities

87th Session Legislative Priorities

The Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for business priorities. We believe the most effective way our legislators can confront the challenges facing our community, state and nation is by listening to the business voice. The Rockwall Chamber supports legislation, regulation and public policy that positively impacts the interests of the Rockwall area business community, economic development in Rockwall County and our Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce Partners.

We look forward to working with out legislative delegation to develop a sustainable budget that funds our top priorities necessary for the continued economic growth of this county.

We look forward to working with our legislative delegation to discover solutions to our most pressing issues.


Business Regulation

  • Promote legislation that reduces red tape and supports business growth.
  • Promote legislation that limits tax requirements that stifle business growth at all levels and oppose any unfunded mandates that will fall on local business owners.
  • Oppose legislation that limits the ability of the business community to engage in electoral and policy-making arenas.

Economic Development

  • Support legislation that supports and encourages local job growth and a business-friendly climate.
  • Support continued funding for economic development programs such as the Texas Enterprise Fund, Texas Tourism, the Texas Film Commission, and the Texas Office of Music.
  • Support legislation that encourages capital investment in Texas by protecting the Texas Economic Development Act (Chapter 313). https://comptroller.texa         / economy/local/ch313/


  • Support the continued use of local participation in planning and funding options.
  • Promote legislation and funding that maintains and rehabilitates existing and aging infrastructure.
  • Support the outsourcing of the State’s engineering work to the maximum extent feasible to reduce costs and save taxpayer money.

Natural Resources

  • Supports initiatives that improve and accelerate water resources and promote items such as water conservation measures, additional energy sources, and projects that aim to utilize the abundance of natural gas that exist in Texas. The Texas legislature is urged to consider methods that will have a positive impact on businesses and municipalities.
  • Opposes any legislation that would negatively affect either water or energy sustainability in Texas.


  • Support the development of plans and compiling resources needed for greater broadband connectivity to enhance access to public education, healthcare, employment information.

Public Education

  • Support legislation to continue the funding promises made in the86th legislative session through
  • Support legislation to allow school districts to count as present for the purposes of Average Daily Attendance (ADA) students participating in virtual learning programs including locally-developed and approved online courses.
  • Support investments in technology to ensure greater connectivity and access for students across Texas.

Higher Education & Workforce

  • Support initiatives to further the plans laid out in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s 60x30TX plan.

State Budget

  • Provide stable and predictable funding to support the continued investment in workforce training for Physician, Nurse, Behavioral Health Professionals and Allied Health Professionals to further improve quality of care, patient safety and access to care. Support and maintain funding for the State’s Trauma Care Network.
  • Support continued state funding of health and human services programs, including Medicaid reimbursement rates that reduce reliance on supplemental payments and protect access to care.

Health Care Coverage & Insurance

  • Promote access to affordable private health insurance for the uninsured. Continuing Uncompensated Care Funding through the Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver.

Behavioral Health

  • Support a state Medicaid 1115 Waiver or other provisions that remove the federal prohibition on Medicaid services for patients receiving care in “institutions for mental disease”

Local Control

  • Support Policies that allow the local government to improve the local business community.
  • Oppose attempts to limit or prohibit municipalities from using public funds to communicate with legislators and state agencies, as well as pay membership dues to organizations that hire lobbyists.
  • Oppose unfunded mandates placed on local municipalities.
  • Oppose legislation that limits local control of cities, counties and school districts, and promote decision-making at the city and county level rather than State and Federal levels.


  • Support legislation and executive orders that treat all businesses equally while dealing with the COVID-19 global health crisis.
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