2022 - 2024 Strategic Priorities

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Rockwall Chamber

Strategic Plan for 2022 - 2024

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Hub For Business



Organizational Excellence

Strategic Plan

Hub for Business

The Chamber will continue to be the hub for business activity where business professionals, elected officials and non-profit organizations connect, cultivate, converse and collaborate throughout Rockwall County

  • Connect Business Leaders to build relationships, ensuring a balance between interactions and technology
  • Continue strategies proved successful at connection our Partners
  • Gather and analyze more market data to assess Partners’ expectations for value and return on investment
  • Seek to play an increasing role in bringing stakeholders to the table and work together to build a thriving community
  • Cultivate our community’s leaders through leadership development programming
  • Converse in dialog between businesses, community leaders, stakeholders and the Chamber

Strategic Plan


We will continue to advocate for legislation that promotes business and industry, economic development, job creation and community quality of life at the local, state, and federal levels of government

  • Promote Pro-Business Policy to engage our economic development organizations to advance community change
  • Expand our sphere of influence
  • Support policies that improve the local business community
  • Remain a non-partisan advocate for positions
  • Expand the Chamber’s capacity to lead community impact and advocacy efforts
  • Support legislation on job growth and engage partners in our grassroots advocacy efforts

Strategic Plan


The Rockwall Visitor Center will continue to be an important part of our community. We will continue to expand our ongoing efforts to position our community as an upscale, unique lakeside destination.

  • Expand our knowledge of best practices and operations in the tourism industry by increased professional development
  • Support the City of Rockwall in serving as the Visitor Center
  • Partner with hospitality and special events businesses to recruit and service tourism, social and corporates events
  • Enhance our footprint in the tourism arena by increased web presence and social media interactions through new and bright campaigns to show off our local businesses looking to serve tourists

Strategic Plan

Organizational Excellence

The Chamber will continue to strengthen its model for effective and efficient governance, fiscal health, management of information workplace environment and team member engagement.

  • Maintain excellence through US Chamber Accreditation
  • Attract and retain a diverse team of skilled and empowered professionals
  • Grow membership
  • Continue to grow the Chamber’s partnership and total dues investments
  • Enhance non-dues revenues and ensure adequate resources for the future
  • Develop a Rockwall Area Chamber Forward Foundation
  • Enhance speed and ease of information
  • Enhance thoroughness, speed of delivery and cost efficiencies of the Chamber’s core processes

Bylaws for Rockwall Chamber of Commerce


Let's Hear From Our Members

If you’re looking for an organization that will help fuel your success, then you really should consider joining us!

Membership in the Rockwall Chamber has been one of the most impactful things to growing by business. As well, it has been very impactful in growing me professionally. The people you meet and engage with are top level professionals who have made me better personally and professionally.

Owner Maaco of Rockwall Customer

The Rockwall Chamber of Commerce has been an invaluable resource. I started my own law firm and felt confident in my legal abilities but didn’t know how I could go about getting quality clients. I was doing my best but once I joined the Chamber, things really began to take off.

Ben Agee Shooter & Agee Law Group, PLLC

By actively engaging with many businesses leaders and connecting them with community leaders, the Rockwall Chamber is essential to keep the Rockwall community growing and striving to always improve the quality of life. I enjoy being at least a part of that growth

Kyle Munn Senior VP Guaranty Bank & Trust

Rockwall Chamber

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