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Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center

The Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce serves as the collective voice of local business in the City of Rockwall and Rockwall County. Representing over 700 Partner businesses and organizations, our organization offers programming and services that support our Partners, visitors and our community.

Partner Testimonials

Kyle Munn, Senior VP Guaranty Bank & Trust

I believe that a cities, communities, and counties are directly affected by how well businesses in those areas function, grow, operate, and actively engage with their community at large.   This then trickles down to schools, home values, and quality of life.  I have a family that I want to raise in a strong community and want to help in any way that I can.  The Rockwall Chamber of Commerce is the best group to help achieve the ideals I have for Rockwall County.  By actively engaging with many businesses leaders and connecting them with community leaders, the Rockwall Chamber is essential to keep the Rockwall community growing and striving to always improve the quality of life.  I enjoy being at least a part of that growth

Shane Hollas, Owner Maaco of Rockwall

Shane HollasMembership in the Rockwall Chamber has been one of the most impactful things to growing by business.  As well, it has been very impactful in growing me professionally. The people you meet and engage with are top level professionals who have made me better personally and professionally. 

Ben Agee, Shooter & Agee Law Group, PLLC

The Rockwall Chamber of Commerce has been an invaluable resource. I started my own law firm and felt confident in my legal abilities but didn’t know how I could go about getting quality clients. I was doing my best but once I joined the Chamber, things really began to take off. 

In 2021 I exceeded my professional expectations. I surpassed my earnings goals and in reviewing my records the pivotal moment can be pinpointed. I joined the Rockwall Chamber in June. Over 70% of my 2021 earnings came after June 1. This is not coincidence. The Chamber in general and the Pipeline networking group specifically allowed me to connect with new clients, who then referred even more clients to me. 

I always believed I could be successful, but the Chamber has helped me be more successful more quickly than I anticipated. I am looking forward to what 2022 has in store, and with the resources offered by the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce, I am confident this year will be even better than last year!


Johnny Kirkpatrick IV, Owner, Raptor IT Solutions

Being a part of the Rockwall Chamber provides excellent opportunities and support for chamber businesses. I have been active in YPR, Chamber Ambassadors, and leadership Rockwall. Participating in the Chamber and these groups has had a direct impact on the success of my business. As much as the Chamber and these groups have helped my business grow, I have also seen firsthand how much it has also helped my fellow business owners. As an ambassador, I have had the opportunity to mentor and guide new chamber members to become more involved themselves. The relationships built with these mentorships is irreplaceable and a huge asset to growing your business. Working with the entire chamber staff and ambassador program has given me the opportunity to be more involved in my community and help other business owners in our area. I look forward to continuing helping the chamber and its partners grow, as well as getting more involved in my community here in Rockwall. 

Kevin Hadawi, 2022 Chairman's Award Winner, Wells Fargo Advisors

I have been active in the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce since I moved to Rockwall in 2018.  Since day one of joining I have seen the benefit of being a Chamber member.  The quality of the people, both staff and membership, is unparalleled.  Everyone you meet wants to help you and your business and they also want to be your friend.  The experience I have received  from being a Chamber member propelled me to wanting to do more.  In 2019, I became an Ambassador and it was the best decision I could make for my business.  My goal was to help welcome new members and learn more about Rockwall.   The friends that I have made, the information about areas in Rockwall to get more involved in and the introduction to business owners throughout Rockwall County is priceless.    Looking back at the decision I made to join the Rockwall Chamber, I see it not only has grown my business, but it has help make me a true member of this community.

Frank McLeod, Owner, Minuteman Press - Rockwall

Frank McLeodI am 100% convinced that the Rockwall area Chamber of Commerce is the best avenue to promote your  local business because I have seen it for myself.  If you have been putting off becoming involved with the Chamber now is the perfect opportunity to see what they can do for you business.  I am a small business owner here in Rockwall and I am an Ambassador with the Chamber. Feel free to reach out to me at any time to find out the best ways to get involved.

Richard Brozewicz, CPA, Brozewicz CPA

I have enjoyed my time at the chamber and it has provided me with many benefits.  The chamber is my firms largest cheerleader and is always looking for ways to ensure that I am able to grow my business to the heights I have envisioned.  The chamber provides me with referrals from either the pipeline group or even member referrals when clients call the chamber looking for assistance in one of my service offerings.  The chamber is a worthwhile investment and I recommend every business owner get involved with the Rockwall chamber or their local chamber.  

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To make everyday extraordinary for business while maintaining the ideal hometown feel.


To be recognized as the destination for excellence in member services, community collaboration, business growth, tourism and quality living.

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