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Newcomers Guide

Welcome to Rockwall, Texas!

We're so happy to have you as part of our community. As you get settled in to your new home and get to know our wonderful community, we hope you use the businesses listed below for all your home services and personal services needs.

We have compiled the below list of Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce Partners as a quick reference for when you need it. We encourage both new Rockwall residents as well as long-time Rockwallians to bookmark this page for quick reference.

If there is a common service group not listed below and you think it should be, email Shaun and let him know!

The first step in joining a new community is finding the right home. To do that, we recommend a Realtor that is local and knows Rockwall, Texas.


Keeping the right temperature is crucial to having a comfortable home and office in North Texas. Click the button below to view a list of HVAC/Air Conditioning Services for Rockwall, Texas.

HVAC - Pixabay

We all get uninvited critters at times, so having a dependable and trustworthy Pest Control service on hand is a must. Whether it's for your twice a year service call or a family of squirrels decided to set up shop in your attic, click below to view a list of Pest Control services in Rockwall, Texas.


In the event of everything from routine maintenance to emergency services, you can look to Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce Partners to come to your rescue. Click the button below to view a list of Plumbers that service Rockwall, Texas.


For tune-ups, check engine lights and that weird knocking sound everytime you idle, you need a great mechanic that is close to home. So the next time your car needs service or you get in a fender bender, check out these Rockwall, Texas Mechanics & Body Shops.

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