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Leadership Rockwall

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Leadership Rockwall

Leadership Rockwall produces a powerhouse of impactful community leaders.

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Community sponsorship offers various benefits, including enhanced brand visibility, positive brand image associated with social responsibility, and opportunities for employee engagement.

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About Leadership Rockwall

Leadership Rockwall (LR) is a 9-month, Rockwall County focused community leadership program designed to develop the skills leaders need to excel. The program includes a combination of in-depth issue seminars and skill development designed to enhance self-awareness of leadership approaches.

Participants are immersed in a full-day traveling class throughout Rockwall County that includes guest speakers, hands-on experiences, tours and relationship building. The goal of each class day is to challenge thinking and inspire participants to get involved in their community.

At the start of this 9-month program, participants are charged with the task of identifying an issue, program or project that needs attention. After selection and approval of the project, the class then plans and executes a sustainable community project.

Why Should You Get Involved

The goals are simple…to CONNECT AND LEARN leadership potential…to IGNITE communications between present and future leaders…to INSPIRE new leaders to tackle tough community challenges in an informed and responsible manner with the goal of SUCCEEDING into a strong network of effective community leaders.

Leadership Rockwall Class of 2024 Community Project: Transforming Futures at the Meadows

Leadership Rockwall (LR) is a comprehensive, 9-month community leadership program centered around Rockwall County. Its purpose is to cultivate the essential skills required for effective leadership.

This visionary initiative is poised to redefine the landscape of our Rockwall community, fostering
change and empowerment. At the heart of this project is refurbishment of a key training facility and the uplifting of Meadows, situated at 787 Hail Drive. The mission is clear – to revitalize, empower, and invigorate our community. Through extensive renovations and an expansion of training programs, we aim to create an environment where learning thrives, and community
bonds strengthen.

  • Expand training programs by providing educational opportunities for community members.
  • Renovate and upgrade the training facility to create a conducive learning environment
  • Renovate and upgrade the common grounds and training facility exterior.
  • Foster a sense of community pride, ownership, and responsibility for the facility.
  • Establish a sustainable training center for long-term community benefit.
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