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Supporting the business community

The chamber supports the business community because we believe that businesses are the backbone of our economy. We know that when businesses thrive, everyone benefits.


Let's Hear From Our Members

If you’re looking for an organization that will help fuel your success, then you really should consider joining us!

Moving here 5 years ago, I knew no one in Rockwall. After joining the Chamber and making the effort to get to know its members, the Chamber opened opportunities for me to truly be part of this community and expand my business. From serving on various committees, volunteering at events or being part of Leadership Rockwall…the people I’ve met have not only helped to expand my business, but I sincerely get to call them my friends. Nothing happens quickly, but what the Rockwall Chamber has provided me and my family, was well worth the wait.

Kevin Hadawi Wells Fargo Advisors

Running a business can be a lonely task. There are moments where you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, whether it be how to improve efficiencies or where your next customer might come from. With a Chamber membership, you’re never alone. You have access to Community and Industry leaders, who are all willing to share ideas and help you develop a roadmap for success. The expression “A rising tide raises all ships”, is never truer than with the Rockwall Chamber.

Shannon Thompson APlus Payroll

Membership in the Rockwall Chamber has been one of the most impactful things to growing by business. As well, it has been very impactful in growing me professionally. The people you meet and engage with are top level professionals who have made me better personally and professionally.

Shane Hollas Maaco of Rockwall

The Rockwall Chamber of Commerce has been an invaluable resource. I started my own law firm and felt confident in my legal abilities but didn’t know how I could go about getting quality clients. I was doing my best but once I joined the Chamber, things really began to take off.

Ben Agee Shooter & Agee Law Group, PLLC