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Leadership Rockwall Attends Rockwall County Commissioners Court

The Leadership Rockwall Class of 2022 went on a multi-stop field trip this month that took them all around town.

The day started in the Commissioner’s Court where Judge David Sweet educated the group on its activities followed by a tour of the historic jail.  Many of the participants were relieved that it was their first, and hopefully last, visit behind bars!  Afterward, the cohort split into several small groups and went on a seven-stop scavenger hunt to retail shops downtown to hunt for an elusive snowman hidden in each of the locations.  It was a lot of fun and several participants were able to cross off some names on their Christmas lists at the shops.

After the scavenger hunt was completed, the small groups grabbed lunch downtown and then headed over to the Rockwall County Courthouse for a tour and information session with District Attorney Kenda Culpepper.  What was already known was confirmed:  don’t commit a crime in Rockwall County.  From the law enforcement organizations to the various courts, Rockwall is in very good hands.

From the courthouse, the Class of 2022 made its way to the Historical Foundation Museum for a tour led by Judge Mark Russo.  The artifacts on display and the history shared by the Judge was very interesting.  No one in the group had any clue that our very own Historical Foundation has on loan the original plans for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It really was inspiring.

Lastly, the day ended with a holiday party for this year’s class and alumni of the program from prior years at Springhill Suites.  Lots of networking took place and the Christmas spirit was apparent.  It was a long, fun day and the connections among the group are really starting to settle in.  Every month it’s like seeing old friends.

The Class is also making significant progress on its community service project, which was approved by the Chamber since the last meeting.  The project selected was The Grove at Laughlin Park.  Loughlin Park is one of the oldest parks in Rockwall and is tucked away between E Kaufman Street and Williams Street and just east of The Roundabout and Well’s Cattle Company.  Specific plans are almost complete, but the group intends to plant a small grove of trees in the park to improve its utility as well as several enhancements to the existing improvements.  This park is the only one within easy walking distance of downtown and is currently underutilized given the significant number of events downtown.  The project will culminate in a big community event fittingly scheduled for Arbor Day on Friday, April 29 of the coming year.

Until next month!


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