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Alphabetical Restaurant Listing

Arboledas Mexican Grill(972) 722-4772No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Bin 303(972) 771-5303No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Bonafide Betties Pie Company(970) 692-1457Free DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Book Club Café(469) 314-1737Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Buffalo Wild Wings(972) 722-5100Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-goUber Eats
Charlies Burgers & Street Tacos(469) 338-5084No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Charlie's Old Fashioned Burgers(469) 723-5160No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Chick-fil-A(972) 771-0233No DeliveryDrive Thru
Chiloso(972) 722-8226No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
China Taste(972) 722-5088Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Chuck E Cheese(972) 772-5458No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
CiCi's(972) 771-4400Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Cotton Patch Café(214) 771-0372Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store(972) 772-2027No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Culpepper(972) 771-1001No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Culver's Restaurant(972) 722-6586No DeliveryDrive Thru
Curry Express(469) 264-7999No DeliveryCurbside & To-goDoor Dash & Uber Eats
Denny's(972) 722-7895Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-goDoor Dash & Uber Eats
Dodie's Cajun Diner(972) 771-0004No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Ekin Nutrition Rockwall(972) 722-6294Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Fat Chicken(972) 722-4370Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Fireside Chicken & Tacos(972) 722-7003Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Fuzzy's Taco Shop(469) 769-1551No DeliveryCurbside & To-goUber Eats
Gianni's Italian Bistro(469) 338-5032No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Giovanni(469) 769-1968No DeliveryTo-Go
Gloria's Restaurant(972) 772-4088No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Healthy Banh Mi(469) 314-1294No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Hemisphere Brewing Company(972) 722-4535No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Hunan(972) 771-0993No DeliveryCurbside & To-goDoor Dash & Uber Eats
Italian Village(972) 563-7992No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Joe Willys(972) 772-9432No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Juice it up(972) 544-5871No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Koung Thai(972) 722-1761No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Kyoto Japanese Steak House(214) 771-0688No DeliveryCurbside & To-goDoor Dash & Uber Eats
La Madeleline(972) 722-6654No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Luigi's Italian Café(972) 772-0233No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Machie's Kitchen(214) 354-2230Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Manny's Tex-Mex(469) 771-1616No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Marco's Pizza(469) 314-8877Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
McAlister's Deli(972) 475-9944No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
McDonalds(469) 402-0100No DeliveryDrive Thru
Mi Cocina(972) 722-2233No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
MilaNo Delivery's Pizza(972) 961-4402Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Mimi's Sweets and Treats(214) 403-6780Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Minced Meal Prep(469) 769-7010No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Napoli(972) 722-9292No DeliveryCurbside & To-goUber Eats
Occasions At stone River(214) 674-0818No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Olive Garden(972) 722-0425No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
On The Border(469) 757-8850No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
OPA! Greek Tavern(469) 443-0508No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Panda Pho & Boba House(469) 366-9710Delivery Available
within 5 mile radius,
$2.50 flat rate with minimum
$25.00 or more order
Curbside & To-go
Panera Bread(469) 377-1073No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Pho Garden(972) 771-2777No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Pier 101(469) 769-1108No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Pizza Cucina(972) 722-6969Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Popcorn papa(972) 772-4646Delivery Available
Curbside & To-go
Raising Canes(972) 722-2003No DeliveryDrive Thru
Ramen Head(469) 314-1657No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Rehoboth Ranch(903) 456-1850No DeliveryPick-up
Road to Nutrition(214) 716-7039Deliver in Fate AreaCurbside & To-go
Rock Yall Nutrition(214) 708-4164No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Rodeo Goat(469) 769-4628Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Round About(469) 314-1126Free Delivery
within 10 mile
Curbside & To-goDoor Dash & Uber Eats
Route 66 Classic Diner(972) 772-1958No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Saltgrass Steakhouse(972) 771-4999No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Samee's Pizza Getti(972) 722-5835Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
San MartiNo Delivery Winery & Vineyards(972) 772-6043No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Schlotzsky's(972) 722-7900Delivery AvailableDrive Thru
Sideways BBQ(469) 769-1551No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Simple Luxuries(904) 562-9734Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Smoke Monkey(972) 563-3722Delivery Available -
Free within 10 miles
Curbside & To-go
Smoke Sessions BBQ(817) 319-1080No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Snuffers(972) 722-9811Free deliveryCurbside & To-go
Soulman's BBQ(972) 771-0200No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Standard Service(469) 651-1100Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Sugar Please(469) 585-6189Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Sweetface Sugar Shoppe & Bakery(469) 723-5110Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Sweetfrog(972) 722-9779No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Sweetwater Grill(972) 635-2096No DeliveryCurbside & to-go
Tea Spot Café(972) 722-6727Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
Texas Roadhouse(972) 722-4053No DeliveryCurbside & To-goDoor Dash & Uber eats
The Bagel Lady(631) 744-0071Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-goUber Eats
The Cookie Jarwww.thecookiejarrockwall.comDelivery AvailableNo DeliveryDoor Dash & Uber eats
The Downing Bottles & Bites(469) 769-7090Free DeliveryCurbside & To-go
The Fatted Calf(972) 722-3343No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
The Oar House(972-771-9687No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
The Smokin' Donut(972) 722-6010No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
TLC On The Lake(972) 905-1550Delivery AvailableCurbside & To-go
TreviNo Delivery's(214) 336-4043No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Tropical Smoothie Café(469) 769-7270No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Unrefined Bakery(972) 948-2414No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Wells Cattle Co.(469) 745-1625No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Whataburger(972) 771-0335No DeliveryDrive Thru
Xtreme Salads(469) 769-1330No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
Yia Yia's House of Gyros(469) 769-1004No DeliveryDelivery Available
Zanata(972) 722-2822No DeliveryCurbside & To-go
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